Archery allows pupils of all ages and abilities to experience success and a sense of achievement.



Whole class participation can be achieved although, in most instances, split group participation tends to be prefered and is becoming the norm. Mixed ability classes can usually be accommodated, generally without exclusion, so that all pupils can experience the thrill of shooting a bow and hitting the target with an arrow. In most cases pupils will gain the necessary skills to repeatedly hit the target after just 20 minutes of tuition.

As archery is an inclusive activity, participation in the sport is open to pupils with physical disabilities or learning difficulties. The sport is easily accessable to wheelchair users usually requiring little or no adjustment to equipment in order to facilitate shooting. Pupils with ASDs are particularly receptive to the sport, usually resulting in a rewarding experience for those that participate.


Apart from the instant gratification of hitting the target, there is a governing body scheme designed to recognise achievement for school based archery activity. The Progress Award Scheme is designed to recognise developing archery skills. Badges of varying colours are awarded to archers as the reach certain "milestones".

The format is simple - shoot 36 arrows at a target that is positioned a short distance away from the shooting line - usually around 10 yards. The size of target and the distance shot is determined by gender (and age group) aligned with the 5 educational key stages. Go to to see the full range of Archery GB award schemes.



Sessions can be delivered in several formats, either as a curricular or extra curricular activity. As part of a curricular programme, sessions can be aligned with class times to form a single group activity or incorporated in to a multi-activity PE session. Cost is based on session duration and set up/take down time.

As an extra curricular activity, after school clubs are the most popular means of delivering archery sessions. Pupils usually pay around £3.50 for a 2 hour session.


Pupils who want to develop their skills further can apply to join their local Archery GB affiliated club where they will receive guidance and support from the club's members and qualified coaches. Both Derbyshire and Staffordshire have an active Junior Squad where archers are encouraged to develop their skills to an Elite level.Archery is an Olympic sport and one of the fastest growing mass participation activities for young people in the UK.



In addition to my own availability, I have access to some excellent qualified archery coaches - all of whom have experience working with juniors, hold a current enhanced CRB certificate and are qualified to at least UKCC Level 1. Generally session capacity is governed by the size of the facility and availability of staff. Please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. outlining your requirements and project timescales.